Before you is the Croatian Sheepdog database. Its aim is to gather and make available all the info about Croatian Sheepdogs from the beginning of the registered breeding to today. The purpose of this database is to be a breeding “tool” and to help promote our beloved autochthon breed.

The info in this database was gathered with the help of our member Tanja Janeš, and also the Croatian kennel Club, dog owners, breeders, conformation show catalogues, the Croatian Kennel Club publications, web sites and with a lot of good will.

With your help this database will continue to grow. Please continue to send information on your Croatian Sheepdogs and litters, and information on other dogs you may know. Their photographs are also welcome, because we would like to put a picture with the info of every dog in the database. If you notice some missing or incorrect data, please send the correct data.

When you contribute information to the database, please use the dog's pedigree as the source.

We hope that you will find using the database helpful and that you will send in your records and photographs of this wonderful breed.

Maintained by Klub hrvatski ovčar Zagreb.

Croatian Kennel Club KHOZ